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CRM Strategy & Design

CRM Strategy & Design ServicesWith a clear vision and strategy, a CRM system becomes an invaluable tool in delivering your mission and supporting your institution. We guide you to develop a CRM vision to clearly define your needs and goals, and then build a detailed CRM strategy & roadmap that serves you and into the future.

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CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation ServicesOur nonprofit & higher ed experts can implement your CRM ecosystem– aligning strategy, technology, people and processes to match your CRM vision– while deftly guiding your team through the changes that will impact your organization or institution.

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Fundraising & Engagement

CRM Implementation ServicesWith certified specialists experienced in nonprofit engagement strategies, we can help you plan, implement, and integrate engagement tools that align with your strategy, team, and mission goals. We deliver strategies and tools to maximize your fundraising efforts and engage with your constituents.

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Technology Strategies for Nonprofits & Higher Ed

Better engage with your constituents, more effectively deliver your services, expand the impact of your mission – these are the key strategic goals of forward-thinking organizations. Contemporary strategies and technologies offer a wide array of options to help you realize these goals. For 20 years we’ve been helping nonprofits develop and align their strategies, technology and operations. Find out how we can help your organization >>
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NGO Connect: Maximizing Its Potential

Salesforce.com's NGO Connect: Maximizing its potential White Paper

NGO Connect (formerly named roundCause) is the cornerstone in the Salesforce Foundation’s comprehensive CRM offering – Salesforce 1 for Nonprofits. NGO Connect is designed to not only meet all your fundraising needs but also enable your CRM strategy and constituent engagement channels.

Heller Consulting is one of the first Salesforce partners to work with NGO Connect and has more experience than any other firm. From our deep experience with the product, we’ve put together NGO Connect: Maximizing Its Potential for you to provide a practical understanding of NGO Connect and what it means for your organization. We share our favorite features and point out the aspects that your organization will be able to quickly take advantage of.

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The Salesforce Platform for Nonprofits: Why It Matters


At the May 29th Innovation +SocialGood Event in Washington, DC, Salesforce and the Salesforce Foundation announced how much they will be supporting the nonprofit community in the years to come. Keith Heller and Salesforce partner Nick Ward, founding partner and chairman of roundCorner were able to talk about what it all means. In the last post they discussed how important it is for nonprofits to get started combining their strategy and tools into a complete plan. In this segment, they explain the strength of the Salesforce Platform, and how it benefits a nonprofit to become a member of the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Case Study: Canadian Cancer Society Engagement Center

As a national community-based organization, the Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan (CCSSK) needed a robust system that could more effectively connect its participants, donors, volunteers and cancer survivors. Facing a short timeline, Heller and CCSSK combined resources to upgrade several areas of the organization.

  • Converted the “Reminder for Life” program from a manual administered process to an automated program, saving time and effort of organization staff
  • Established a full Salesforce Communities site with custom branded destination page to allow volunteers to share information throughout the year
  • Designed and developed internal workflows, escalation rules and processes for call center operations to streamline and standardize operations across the department
  • Created documentation, knowledge base, and consistent onboarding Action Plans to train and organize new team members to be up and running efficiently
  • Built the underlying workflows, content, and message templates and triggers needed to deliver the detailed Engagement Journey in conjunction with their peer-to-peer fundraising system
  • Implemented processes to create a robust two-way communication channel to keep constituents interested and engaged all year.

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Salesforce1 Empowers Nonprofits with Strategy and Technology


The Salesforce1 Innovation +SocialGood event in Washington, DC was Thursday, May 29th, and it was packed with great information on how to build social, mobile and cloud strategies utilizing Salesforce.com’s Salesforce1 for Nonprofits platform. Also in the spotlight was Salesforce.com’s 1-1-1 model and how the Salesforce Foundation is working hard to serve the needs of nonprofit organizations everywhere. Major organizations like the United Nations Foundation, American Red Cross, Sierra Club, and the Grameen Foundation were on hand to show real world examples of how Salesforce tools strengthen the fundraising, communication, community engagement, and mission management efforts of their organizations.

After speaking at the event with the American Red Cross on creating effective communications, Keith Heller was able to take some time with another close Salesforce partner Nick Ward, founding partner and chairman of roundCorner, and distill some of the days high-points down to what it means to the rest of us.

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Making Your CRM Aspiration a Reality

Make CRM Aspirations a Reality White Paper

Since our 2012 paper, Insights Into CRM for Nonprofits, we’ve continued to optimize the process for our CRM projects and have developed practical tips and tools to get your organization on its way from CRM vision to reality. This paper shares that experience and provides a practical framework for bringing together people, technology, service and strategy and managing the change it takes to bring CRM aspirations to fruition.

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CMS Platforms: A Guide for Nonprofits


An effective Content Management System (CMS) integrated with your system database and CRM can make a huge difference in the experience a website visitor will have on your website, and is often instrumental in converting a casual visitor to a valuable donor.

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Donor Management and Fundraising Apps for Nonprofits


There is an exciting new world of donor management applications for nonprofits to choose from today, but where do you start? After the discontinuation of Common Ground nonprofits were concerned about how the market would change and evolve. To fill this need for information Heller created this in-depth review of top fundraising applications built on the Salesforce.com platform.

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Integrated Suites Product Review


Many nonprofits feeling the frustration of juggling data in and out of multiple systems. With more online marketing applications available, nonprofits often have at least one database to manage “offline” traditional fundraising and donor management, and another database to manage online marketing efforts.

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Insights Into CRM for Nonprofits

CRM_Insights_Leading_Nonprofits_WhitepaperTo better understand how nonprofit organizations perceive Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), we interviewed executives from 30 nonprofit organizations to uncover their thoughts on their strategic, operational and technical goals, activities, and challenges within the context of CRM.  We’re sharing our report of participants’ insights based on our discussions with them.

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