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CRM Strategy & Design

CRM Strategy & Design ServicesWith a clear vision and strategy, a CRM system becomes an invaluable tool in delivering your mission and supporting your institution. We guide you to develop a CRM vision to clearly define your needs and goals, and then build a detailed CRM strategy & roadmap that serves you and into the future.

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CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation ServicesOur nonprofit & higher ed experts can implement your CRM ecosystem– aligning strategy, technology, people and processes to match your CRM vision– while deftly guiding your team through the changes that will impact your organization or institution.

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Fundraising & Engagement

CRM Implementation ServicesWith certified specialists experienced in nonprofit engagement strategies, we can help you plan, implement, and integrate engagement tools that align with your strategy, team, and mission goals. We deliver strategies and tools to maximize your fundraising efforts and engage with your constituents.

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Technology Strategies for Nonprofits & Higher Ed

Better engage with your constituents, more effectively deliver your services, expand the impact of your mission – these are the key strategic goals of forward-thinking organizations. Contemporary strategies and technologies offer a wide array of options to help you realize these goals. For 20 years we’ve been helping nonprofits develop and align their strategies, technology and operations. Find out how we can help your organization >>
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2015 AHP Annual International Conference – Heller Consulting

AHP Annual International Conference

The 2015 AHP Annual International Conference is taking place in Orlando, Florida from September 29th – October 3rd. Join healthcare professionals from across the country to share ideas, resources, best practices and benchmarks with colleagues. Heller Consulting’s CEO, Keith Heller, will join Sid Mallory from Henderson Mallory Partners to present a session on October 2nd.
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Increasing Engagement via Social Media

Marketing_Cloud_Radian6_SalesforceAs social media channels become increasingly common communication channels, social listening and active engagement skills are quickly becoming more important for every organization. Whether spotting day-to-day trends or addressing crisis situations, organizations that have their social ear to the ground and a communication strategy in place will be better prepared to minimize negative issues and get the most exposure and reach from positive events.

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Effective Social Measurement Strategy


While many organizations plan to use (and budget for) more social media efforts in their engagement strategies in the coming year, not as many are prepared to show the benefit and impact of their social media actions. Numbers of followers and favorites are nice to share, but how does that translate into a return on investment to the organization?

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Marketing Automation for Nonprofits: Starting Off Right

Marketing Automation for Nonprofits

Nonprofit supporters are looking for more and more personalized ways to help the missions they love. Powerful marketing automation tools have been available to large commercial organizations for many years, but recently the cost and feature range have become much more appealing to nonprofit organizations who want to deliver uniquely personalized messages. While segmenting mailing lists have gotten us part of the way there, the new batch of marketing automation tools allow for a level of customization closer to the welcome series experience than a general “Group A, Segment C” email blast.

To help nonprofits understand marketing automation, how to utilize it strategically, and how to get started, Heller Digital interviewed many trail blazing nonprofit organizations like DonorsChoose.org, Sierra Club, Greenbelt Alliance and others to find out what they have already learned. From strategies and expectations to tools and technology, leading organizations share insights on how to approach a new marketing automation effort, what to look out for, and how to make the most of this technology. We’ve assembled their experiences and insights into Marketing Automation for Nonprofits: Starting Off Right to help guide nonprofits as they move toward this increasingly necessary combination of strategy and tools.

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Converting One-time Donors to Long-time Constituents

Flash_Moment_Nonprofit_SuccessWhether from a fundraising campaign gone viral or an unfortunate natural disaster, nonprofits occasionally experience what is called a “flash moment” when their awareness skyrockets and they get a flood of support and donations all within a very short time. More common are the smaller flash moments that happen after events, fundraising campaigns, or end-of-year drives where they still get a surge of new donors, just at a more modest scale. For both of these situations, it’s vital to have a plan in place to nurture these new constituents into long-term contributors instead of letting them drift away to other causes.
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NGO Connect Deep Dive Demo

NGO Connect Deep Dive Demo

NGO Connect is one of the newest options in the Salesforce Foundation’s comprehensive Salesforce for Nonprofits product family. NGO Connect is designed to not only meet your fundraising needs but also enable your CRM strategy and constituent engagement channels.

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Engaging Donors with the Right Story

Marketing Cloud Engagement JourneyIn June, the Salesforce Foundation spoke with Mile High United Way about how they use Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud to increase engagement with their constituents. Nicole Adair, United Way’s Senior Director of Development Operations and Donor Communications shared her insights and perspectives in addressing the very common “retention problem” that so many nonprofits experience.

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Building Loyalty through Engagement

How do you build loyalty with your constituents? Do you have a single interaction point where you can say “this person is now loyal”, or do you have a full engagement flow planned to continually communicate with your audience, building trust and loyalty at each step of their journey with your organization? Every day, more nonprofits are competing for the attention and support of your constituents, so it’s even more important to build a long-term relationship that grows from first interaction through a lifetime of support.

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Mobile Giving: Does it matter to your nonprofit?

MobileCause - Cash In HandFor generations, the most common form of mobile giving was the donation basket at church, a checkout counter, or in front of your favorite store around the holidays. It made perfect sense – ask the public to donate a dollar or drop in their spare change while you have a moment of their attention in front of their peers. Beyond that, there really wasn’t much else. Clearly the world has changed, and the way people live and give has evolved into a much more diverse field of opportunity for fundraisers. There’s an interesting underlying truth that hasn’t changed, though: Effective fundraisers are the ones who make it easy to donate at the moment a constituent is ready to give. At a fundraising event, in the end-of-year email campaign, or during a crisis campaign, the fewer barriers there are for a constituent to be able to act on their desire to help your cause the more revenue you will earn.

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Heller in the Dreamforce Foundation Zone – 2015

Dreamforce Heller Nonprofit Salesforce Foundation

It’s 2015 and Heller Consulting is heading back to Dreamforce again! It’s been a great year for the Salesforce Foundation and we are looking forward to spending time with our partners and clients at #DF15.

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