One of the most common reasons technology implementations fail is a lack of user adoption.

When planning a technology initiative, incorporating an active change management plan will have a significant impact on the success or failure of the entire project. We’re here to help you navigate those challenges.

We are a team of certified change practitioners. Our team members hold Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, Association of Change Management Professionals CCMP (Certified Change Management Professionals) and CQ® (Change Intelligence®) Professional Change Leader certifications. We utilize industry-proven methodologies to help our clients achieve successful transformation across their organizations. We are skilled in identifying and mitigating (or managing) project resistance that arises before, during and after CRM implementations.

We offer a number of change management services listed below and can also tailor a program to your specific challenges and requirements.

Implementation Readiness & User Adoption Planning

Designed to help you at the start of your project, our change management specialists assess your organizational readiness. We create a customized plan to ensure adoption that can be inserted into your project plan before you embark on a CRM implementation.

User Adoption & Launch Planning

Organizations sometimes find themselves in the middle of a project, only to discover some members of their team are not prepared for, or supportive of, the coming transition, and the initiative begins showing clear signs of risk. Our User Adoption & Launch Planning service provides you clear, customized and proven strategies to push through resistance, reduce project risk and build support through the challenging launch and training phases.

Stabilization & Enablement

Once a CRM is up and running, it’s essential for users to take advantage of their new tools. When they don’t, the organization risks losing the benefits of a substantial investment and failing to achieve the mission impact they intended. With our Stabilization & Enablement service, we use quantitative and qualitative metrics, including surveys, real-time business metrics, and reports to evaluate indicators of (or lack of) user adoption and proficiency. We identify barriers to adoption and provide strategies to address them with your staff so that you build trust for future initiatives.

Project Assessment & Recovery Path

It is common for a project to get off track, and sometimes a skilled outside perspective is needed to evaluate the scope of the project and clarify the best path forward. Our Assessment & Recovery service is designed to help organizations step back, review an in-progress initiative and determine how to get it back on a path to success.

Change Management Bootcamp

In this hands-on bootcamp, Heller experts will teach you about effective change management approaches tailored specifically to your organization’s project through a series of presentations and workshops. Read more.

Hear how change management made a difference during a CRM implementation project with the Canadian Cancer Society