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NPSP Sprint – Fall 2016 in Boston

nsps sprint

Participating in an NPSP sprint is a way for talented designers, developers, and supporters to come together to contribute to a technology that is making a difference in thousands of nonprofit organizations. NPSP sprints are open to anyone who wants to contribute to the functionality of the packages of NPSP in unique in-person events. Topics in the sprint can cover everything from user guides and standard reports, to planning for new features and functionality. The focus and effort that goes into these events is truly a joy to experience, and it is amazing what can be accomplished in a two day event.

This fall the NPSP sprint will be held in Boston, September 12-13, and as always will follow the unconference format: Participants will start on the first day and decide where they will put their time and effort, deciding collectively and balancing the skills and strengths of the present group. The NPSP documentation team provides a list of issues and suggestions, but it’s up to the participants to decide what they will address at each sprint.

Contributors to each NPSP sprint come from all areas of the community and include a range of skill sets. Salesforce admins from organizations that are using NPSP, experienced developers from the nonprofit and commercial industry, user experience professionals, documentation experts, proofreaders, and many other people from the community show up to make NPSP better and better with each effort. The current group registered is over 65 strong, and each sprint that number grows as the excitement spreads.

Heller Consulting will be supporting the sprint again this year sending two of our team that have been working heavily with NPSP and especially the v3 release over the last year. They will be able to share their experiences and perspective from working with NPSP across several organizations, adding to the wealth of knowledge coming from other users, consultants, and developers.

For more information on how NPSP sprints work and how to participate, check out this post, join the Power of Us HUB group, or contact us! We’d love to talk with you about sharing your skills and insight with this talented group!

Here are some posts about previous sprints in DC, Seattle, and San Francisco:


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