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Quick Quiz: Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Change?

Nonprofit Ready for Change

Being ready for change within a nonprofit is influenced by a wide range of factors including personal styles and long-term departmental history. One team may embrace being the “early adopters” while another may take a more cautious approach. At the end of the day, change is inevitable and often challenging. When well-managed it can be a transformative and beneficial experience that improves staff morale, program effectiveness, and even how the organization serves constituents. When change is poorly managed, especially multi-department or organization-wide changes, it can be extremely disruptive. In fact, many transformative initiatives that impact the processes, technology, or culture of an organization have a very low success rate—as many as 70% fail to achieve their goals.

It’s in your control

The good news is that you can be prepared. Understanding if your nonprofit is ready for change can help you prepare for the many challenges you will face. Planning ahead for the appropriate conversations and establishing effective communication channels can help your team adapt to and embrace the changes to come. It can even empower them become advocates helping guide and nurture your organization’s transformation.

So how do you gain this understanding? How do you predict the way your organization will respond to change? While there are many approaches, the first and easiest way to get started is to ask a few simple questions. Rarely does anyone want to admit they are resistant to change, so it’s important to ask your team how they perceive the organization they work with to get a clear picture.

Are you ready for change?

Complete the Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Change? quick quiz below to find out where your organization stands. These are just a few of the questions we ask our clients early in a project. They are designed to provide a basic snapshot of your readiness for change. At the end of the survey, you will have an opportunity to compare your responses to those of other organizations, and can request more information.

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Resources to manage change

Heller is committed to helping organizations manage technology change. We will publish more resources, success tactics and strategies throughout 2017. Find out more about how Heller approaches change management and our current resources here, and be sure to subscribe to receive our most recent updates.