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Food Bank Impact and Response to Coronavirus

At Heller Consulting, we work with a significant number of food banks to ensure their technology meets their needs both every day and during times of critical need. I wanted to share a quick note on some of the stories we are following as we support our clients in responding to COVID-19.

Feeding America described the efforts of food banks across the country to provide food assistance in a blog post published last week. They have also established a 2.65 million dollar fund to support the work of food banks at this critical time and have since begun promoting a COVID-19 Fund donation form.

Several organizations including LA Regional Food Bank, Alameda County Community Food Bank, and United Food Bank have reported a drop in volunteer participation which has made their program fulfillment more challenging. This same phenomenon is significantly affecting Meals on Wheels who has seen a reduction in volunteers as requests for service have increased.

Food banks have had to alter how they deliver food to minimize person to person contact. Some have instituted drive thru style pickups as an alternative to walk-in pickups. Others have change their models from self-selection to grab and go style services.

We’re closely watching how donors will respond as the unfolding economic situation remains unpredictable. With event cancelations already disrupting Spring fundraising, it remains to be seen if other forms of fundraising will fill the gap.

Food banks provide critical services to students, seniors and everyone in need every day AND during times of crisis like now. So please find and donate to your local food bank, donate to the COVID-19 Fund and remember that when we say donate, we mean cash!

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