CRM Luncheon Summary: Summer 2016 - Heller Consulting

CRM Luncheon Summary: Summer 2016

CRM Success Luncheon Heller Salesforce

Heller hosted a CRM Success Luncheon in midtown Manhattan this month and as usual, the discussion provided detailed insights for all attendees. This unique event is an open discussion forum for organizations looking to extend their use of the Salesforce platform to serve their mission. For the most value in our concise format, we bring together a small group of organizations interested in learning about current and forward looking possibilities with CRM technology. For each event we select organizations facing similar challenges and encourage them share their perspective, struggles, and solutions. Heller leadership also provides their insights on CRM and how our clients and others in the industry are addressing common issues. At the end of the luncheon all participants have learned from and shared with their peers, ensuring each organization gets distinct value from the event.

What was top of mind for nonprofit CRM professionals who attended?

  • The joys of agile development! We kicked around agile vs. waterfall methodologies for launching CRM initiatives. While large data volumes of a complex data migration might imply waterfall, many folks were eager to get their hands on tools earlier and were allied with agile. Which approach aligns best to your organizational culture?
  • The paradox of choice. The Salesforce ecosystem is vast. We agreed that many nonprofits have early anxiety as they begin to evaluate applications, partners and associated relationships within the Salesforce universe. Attendees said that this is the role of implementation partners (i.e., Heller Consulting!) to navigate on behalf of clients.  How does your organization evaluate solutions?
  • Peer Power! Did you know that there are 39 mail merge applications available on the Salesforce AppExchange? Which can handle email tax receipts best for nonprofits? Which can do it for free? It turns out your peers know best and that’s how luncheon attendees find and rate available solutions. Do you have a peer network that you rely on?

Heller Consulting will be hosting our winter CRM Success Luncheon before end of year. Let us know if you are interested in attending and feel free to reach out for more insight on these luncheon conversations or about your technology project.