Keith Heller got his start in the nonprofit industry in 1993 entering membership gifts into the DOS version of Blackbaud’s® Raiser’s Edge® at San Francisco’s Exploratorium. NOTE  Fast forward to 1996 when many nonprofits were looking for a donor management software solution, but very few people were experienced with these new tools, and fewer consulting services were available to explain what these new tools could do. So after some deep thought on the company name, Keith started providing his experience on donor management systems to the many organizations that needed guidance. A lot has changed in the years since, and Heller has continuously grown and changed as well.


We’re now a team of 35+ amazing  experts fully versed in the most complex aspects of cross-departmental cloud-based integrated systems. From focusing solely on local organizations (who we still love) today Heller also guides national and international organizations on system roadmaps and marketing plans utilizing sophisticated CRM platforms and multi-channel communications strategies.

And even after helping over 1,000 nonprofits around the country, one thing hasn’t changed: Heller’s passion for using the right systems, strategies and operations so our clients can expand the impact of their vital missions.

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