What We Do

The success of your organization is built on the strength of your relationships with your supporters. From staff and volunteers through donors and advocates to the beneficiaries of your mission, your organization thrives when connected to the people who are most interested, engaged, and in-touch with your efforts.


Heller Consulting is committed to enabling organizations build deep and rewarding relationships with their constituents. By combining the best available technology, leading edge strategy, and time-tested business processes, we provide complete solutions to nonprofits of all sizes. We understand our client’s short and long term objectives and provide systems and strategies to serve the organization’s goals and aspirations. We offer a wide variety of services:

The ongoing mission of our company is to enable nonprofit organizations to deliver their mission in the most effective and efficient ways. Our solutions range from simple optimization of business processes to complete envisioning and implementation of complex CRM systems and engagement strategies. Contact us to talk about your organization’s needs, and find out what Heller can do for you.

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