Webinar: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits

CRM options enterprise nonprofits

Leading organizations have upgraded their CRM systems and are realizing the benefits of effective modern solutions. Other organizations have struggled to overcome the obstacles preventing them from adopting new technology. Fortunately, many common barriers to large technology transitions have been removed, and both the variety of options and strategic transition processes have made it easier for organizations to select and implement an efficient CRM system.

If your organization is still getting by with disconnected systems, join this webinar series for a detailed look at the current CRM solution marketplace for enterprise nonprofits. Since 1996 Heller Consulting has been guiding the technology decisions of mid-sized to very large nonprofit organizations. In this webinar Keith Heller shares his experience and perspective on the current enterprise marketplace, identifies the most common barriers, and outlines Heller’s proven approach to planning and selecting a CRM solution that matches organizational goals.

View the video below to learn:

  • State of the CRM market for enterprise nonprofits
  • Difference between enterprise CRM products and platforms
  • How enterprise-level CRM planning is different from smaller organizations
  • Widely adopted enterprise-level CRM system choices:
    • Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack
    • Blackbaud’s Enterprise CRM Solutions
    • roundCorner’s NGO Connect
    • Softrek’s Clearview
    • StratusLIVE
    • ROI Solutions’ Revolution Online
  • How to launch an effective CRM selection process

This is the first webinar in this series. In the coming months, we will go into detail on each of the most popular CRM solutions for enterprise organizations.

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Introduction to CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits

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