Change Management

Change is never simple, especially in a multi-department, or multi-affiliate, organization with established staff. As a result, one of the most common reasons CRM implementations fail is a lack of user adoption. When planning a CRM initiative, incorporating an active change management process will have a significant impact on the success or failure of the entire project. It is critical that all teams within the organization understand the organizational value of the coming changes, their part in the change, and the impact on their roles and responsibilities.

prosci-certified-logo-hellerHeller has a long established process for managing the change that a CRM project will bring to an organization, ensuring that team members are aware of the what, when, and why of the process, and how they can optimally contribute. We are also Prosci Certified Change Practitioners, and utilize industry-proven techniques to help our clients’ achieve successful initiatives across their organizations. We are skilled in identifying and reducing project resistance that arises before, during and after implementations. Our services have clearly defined deliverables tailored specifically for nonprofits, and are coordinated to match your project phases. Here are a few packages we offer, and we can also customize a program to your specific challenges and requirements.

Project Assessment & Recovery Path

It is common for a project to get off track, and sometimes a skilled outside perspective is needed to evaluate the scope of the project and clarify a path forward. This service is designed to help organizations step back and review an in-progress initiative, and determine how to get it back on a path to success.

Implementation Readiness & User Adoption Planning

This service is designed to assess and plan a system adoption process before an organization begins a CRM implementation project. We start with stakeholder and audience analysis to evaluate existing perspectives on change. With this benchmark, we can develop a comprehensive communication and education plan that aligns with the project’s goals.

User Adoption & Launch Planning

According to Prosci research, the most significant resistance in a project arises during the implementation phase, when nearly 40% of people report significant resistance to coming changes. Organizations discover members of their team are not prepared for or supportive of the coming system transition, and the initiative begins showing clear signs of risk. This service focuses on intervening to clarify, address, and realign team perceptions and concerns with training and communication strategies. It also provides clear strategies to build and maintain support through challenging launch and training phases.

Stabilization & Enablement

Once a CRM is up and running, it’s essential for users to take advantage of their new tools. When they don’t, the organization risks losing a substantial investment as well as the benefit and mission impact they had intended. This type of project is in jeopardy, and requires a focused course correction to prevent it from failing. Not a basic “how-to” training, this package establishes surveys, real-time metrics, and reports to evaluate indicators of (or lack of) user adoption. Barriers to adoption are identified and actively addressed. While rescuing the current project, this service also builds support and trust for future initiatives by resolving remaining challenges, and compiling feedback from the team.

For More Information

Since each organization is unique, Heller offers a variety of change management services to ensure your organization successfully achieves your technology vision. We can join your in-progress initiative to advise and realign teams that are showing signs of resistance and increasing risk. Prosci studies reveal that more than half of project resistance could be avoided using effective change management strategies. Contact us today to learn how effective change management strategies can support your project’s success.

Review the materials below, and contact us if you have any questions on how to incorporate a change management plan into your initiatives.


Managing Technology Change at Enterprise Nonprofits

The fact is while change is often necessary and healthy, it can a disruptive force, and is rarely easy. Interestingly, it’s our response to change that determines whether we feel positive or negative about what’s happening. Download this paper to learn factors that influence an organization’s response to change, a process for managing change, and how managing change effectively can impact the success of a nonprofit organization’s CRM and technology initiatives.

Project Open Hand Case StudyCase Study: Project Open Hand

For some time, Project Open Hand was using multiple, disconnected systems to manage interactions with clients, volunteers, and donors, but none of them were meeting their needs. By working together, Heller and Project Open Hand came up with a strategic implementation plan to smoothly transition Project Open Hand onto a single, cohesive system, and to streamline and optimize the inter-related aspects of the organization’s business processes.


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