Your nonprofit’s successful technology journey starts with a clear strategy.

You probably already understand how technology can transform your nonprofit’s operations and fundraising for the better. But here’s something to consider: No matter where you are in your technology journey, having a clear strategy is vital for a successful transformation of the way your organization connects with its constituents.

Based on our hands-on experience working with a wide range of nonprofit organizations and technologies, we’re ready to help as you move forward.

For more than 25 years, nonprofit leaders have turned to us for these strategic services that provide specific help at various points in the technology journey:

Looking for a plan

  • CRM Roadmap
  • Technology Roadmap

Evaluating and selecting tools

  • Comparative Analysis
  • CRM Fit Assessment
  • Guided Technology Selection

Empowering your team to make decisions

  • Technology Fit Workshop
  • Technology Selection Workshop

Strategic Services

CRM Roadmap – A comprehensive plan for your CRM ecosystem

Starting from scratch with a new CRM technology strategy? Whether you already have a new system in mind or not, the CRM Roadmap is the place to start. We guide your team through a formal discovery process to identify your goals and requirements for CRM technology. From there, we develop a plan for transitioning from your current CRM system to a new system. We can then lead you through selection of new solutions and systems, or you can use the plan to conduct your own selection effort. Either way, you’ll have a clear strategy for moving forward.

Nonprofit Technology Roadmap – A complete plan for all of your nonprofit’s technology

Looking at more than just your CRM system? You know that powerful technology options are out there for nonprofits. Now it’s time to take a broad view of your choices and craft a complete technology ecosystem that supports your organization’s strategic goals. During our Nonprofit Technology Roadmap process, we partner with you to review all of your technology, not just your CRM system. From there, we map out technologies that will bring new efficiencies and optimize your return on investment. The result: You will have a clear view of which new systems to implement, which to streamline, and how they will all work together.

CRM Comparative Analysis – A detailed comparison of two CRM systems

If your organization is trying to decide whether to leave your current CRM system for a new system that you have already identified, or if you need a comparison of two potential new systems to replace a legacy system, this is the service for you. We create a detailed comparison to help your organization assess and decide which of the two technology platforms or systems is right for your organization.

CRM Fit Assessment – A final check that you’ve made the right CRM system choice

You might have identified a new potential CRM system but need to assess the impact the new system will have on the organization before making the final decision. With a CRM Fit Assessment, we help you analyze a single CRM option and confirm its suitability for your organization. The assessment provides the details you need to move forward with new technology, including one-time and ongoing costs, organizational readiness, staffing considerations and data/technology migration planning details.

Guided Technology Selection – Choosing the right technology for your CRM ecosystem

Even if you already have a strategy for your technology ecosystem, choosing the right technology is not always easy. Our Guided Technology Selection service provides guidance, templates, and selection methodologies to help you through vendor demos, system comparisons, and project planning so nothing gets missed. We’re there every step of the way, providing support and allowing your team to tap into our years of experience in nonprofit technology selection and implementation.


Technology Fit Workshop

In our 1-2 day Technology Fit Workshop, we pull from our decades of experience to quickly map your organization’s requirements to leading technology solutions. You’ll gain real-world insights into the nonprofit technology marketplace and learn our recommend phases of implementation based on best practices we’ve developed from working with organizations like yours. Your team will walk away knowing how to determine which technology options best fit their needs.

Technology Selection Workshop

Our 1-2 day Technology Selection Workshop is for leaders who might feel overwhelmed by the number of options out there in the nonprofit technology market. After going through the workshop, you’ll understand the overall technology landscape, the basics of assessing technology, and how to prepare your staff to go through a technology selection process.

Heller Consulting’s Philosophy Behind Technology Strategy

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