change management in nonprofits & higher ed -

Change Management in Nonprofits and Higher Ed Workshop Bootcamp

Are you about to embark on an organizational change? Are you in the middle of technology implementation within your non-profit or higher-ed organization? This change management in nonprofits and higher ed workshop will teach you several skills that are lifesavers while undergoing the transition.

Today’s nonprofits know that implementing a tool and handing over a new system does not mean that people will use it or use it effectively. According to Mckinsey & Company‘s research, IT projects run 45 percent over budget while delivering 56 percent less organizational benefits than predicted. While there are many project variables that impact success rates, proactive change management is the lynchpin that drives the adoption curve, minimizes resistance, and ultimately leads to the realization of organizational benefits.

In this hands-on bootcamp, Heller experts will teach you about effective change management approaches tailored specifically to your organization’s project through a series of presentations and workshops. Your team will walk away with:

  • A working draft of your change management plan
  • A toolkit and the skills they need to begin managing change effectively
  • An understanding of the qualities of an effective change leader


The Heller team will travel to your organization. Prior to arriving, we will work with you to define specific objectives for the day and spend time learning about your specific project and attendees.

Interested in investing in your change leaders? Contact us below for more information.