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Webinar: Microsoft Technology Accessible to Nonprofits, Finally!

Microsoft has been a leading provider of technology to nonprofits for many years. Look around any nonprofit shop and you’ll see Microsoft tools almost everywhere – everywhere except in the hands of fundraisers and marketers who have traditionally turned to other software products to meet these critical needs.  

But that’s all changing….

Donor management and fundraising platform, MISSION CRM and others are filling a critical role in bridging the gap between Microsoft technology and nonprofits. That means nonprofits can now take advantage of the powerful Dynamics platform and the Common Data Model without going it alone. These new software products are making this powerful data stack easier to use with all the functionality nonprofits need to get started right away.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about how Microsoft’s technology offerings stack up in comparison to other major nonprofit technology providers. You’ll find out how a new software layer is being developed by innovative companies like MISSION CRM to make that technology accessible for nonprofits like never before. And you’ll see why organizations like Arthritis Foundation are making the move to MISSION CRM.


Keith Heller, Founder, Heller Consulting

Christina Herancourt, President, MISSION CRM