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Webinar: Getting More Out of Salesforce

Getting More Out of Salesforce

an on-demand webinar featuring the Human Rights Campaign

In times like these, it can feel as if the ground is shifting. If you’re like many nonprofit professionals, you’re thinking about how your nonprofit can do more with what you already have. For example, how can you make the most of your technology systems?

Watch this webinar, featuring Human Rights Campaign, for a look at how to be more resourceful with Salesforce.

Topics include:

  • How nonprofits are enhancing Salesforce to reach donors, support their staff, and deliver on their missions in a post-COVID world
  • A real-world, first-hand look at the Human Rights Campaign’s strategic approach to improving their use of Salesforce to better support their staff and constituents
  • Tips on how to support staff and constituents through technology improvements that do NOT require a big technology change


  • Cynthia Coleman, Director of Services, Heller Consulting
  • Jennifer Thall, Senior Strategist/Solution Architect, Heller Consulting
  • Susan Paine, Director, Analytics & Strategy, Human Rights Campaign