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Keith Heller

Chief Strategist

Keith got his start in nonprofits entering membership gifts into the DOS version of Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge and managing the information and operations in the San Francisco Exploratorium development office back in 1993. Fast forward a few years, and the Windows version of Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge was released. Many nonprofits wanted to make the move to this new software, but no one (not even Blackbaud) offered consulting services. Keith recognized the opportunity and combined his know-how for both technology and nonprofit operations and developed a range of services for organizations using nonprofit software.

Keith has built on this experience over the years, personally working with hundreds of organizations, large and small, and led the Heller team through over 2,600 projects with over 1,000 clients. Since the beginning, Keith has been providing astute insights into how a nonprofit can utilize today’s technology to support its mission, creating a more effective and efficient organization. As newer and more advanced technologies have emerged, Keith has stayed ahead of the trends, sorting through the flash-in-the-pan hype to discover the true long-term technology strategies and investments that support strong constituent relationships. By understanding the technology needs and goals of nonprofit organizations, Keith has emerged as a thought leader throughout the industry, frequently advising and guiding discussions with software development firms as well as other nonprofit consultants around the country.

Keith has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton College in Minnesota, and frequently speaks at local, regional and national conferences for nonprofit professionals. He’s a long-distance trail runner, hiker, and loves travel of all kinds (and coffee!)

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