Communications Toolkit for System Launch

Change is hard for most people and launching a new CRM system introduces a level of change that can be surprising. “It’s just a piece of software,” we think. But then we log in and start to go about our work and find that nothing is as easy we thought it would be. This isn’t because of system problems (though new systems often have kinks that need to be worked out); it’s because the process, the visuals and sometimes even the data are different than they used to be. All of a sudden, it feels like everything has changed. The most successful system launches are accompanied by clear, effective and frequent communications that prepare people for the new ways of working and let them know that support is available. In the pages that

follow, we outline key components of the communications that make the launch process go as smoothly as possible, complete with real examples from our clients. In our 2016 white paper, Managing Technology Change at Enterprise Nonprofits, we provided in-depth information about how the practice of change management can help nonprofits get the most out of their technology investments by ensuring high user adoption. Since then, we have been able to work with several organizations who’ve successfully incorporated these techniques into their projects. In this resource, we’ve compiled key best practices for communicating with end users about the time when new systems will actually launch and supplemented those best practices with practical tips and real-life email examples from our clients. Download this to see:

  • Best practices for communicating with stakeholders across your organization leading up to, during and after a new system launch
  • Tips from our clients on what they did (or will be sure to do next time) to promote user adoption
  • Real email examples used to prepare users for launch and keep them informed in the following weeks

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