What to Know About Microsoft Solutions for the Nonprofit Sector

Adopting Microsoft solutions unlocks new and often more cost-effective ways of working.

For nonprofit organizations specifically, trading outdated technology for Microsoft products is a step toward digital transformation.

We’ve been watching the growing potential of Microsoft solutions for nonprofits for several years. Microsoft’s investment in nonprofit-specific options represents a whole new level of technology choices for nonprofits. But in case you haven’t been following their story as closely as we have, we put together a guide that will get you started.

This guide shares:

  • Milestones in Microsoft’s history with the nonprofit sector
  • A breakdown of the Nonprofit Accelerator built on the Nonprofit Common Data Model
  • Explanation of Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement solution
  • Key things to consider before moving to a Microsoft solution
  • Advice for how to evaluate Microsoft pricing for nonprofits

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