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Tips for Nonprofit Marketing Automation

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Nonprofit marketing automation is in the midst of a technology tipping point. Powerful marketing automation tools have been available to large commercial organizations for many years, but recently the cost and feature range have become much more appealing to nonprofit organizations who want to deliver uniquely personalized messages. While segmenting mailing lists have gotten us part of the way there, the new batch of marketing automation tools allow for a level of customization closer to the welcome series experience than a general “Group A, Segment C” email blast.

Fortunately, a number of pioneering organizations have been able to road-test, analyze, and refine their marketing automation programs enough to learn whether there’s real return beyond the hype. And the truth is there absolutely can be, as long as you prepare your strategy and goals before you leap into a technology solution.

Download Marketing Automation for Nonprofits: Tips from the nonprofit experts who know to hear directly from nonprofit communication pioneers from, Greenbelt Alliance, Sierra Club and more who have taken the plunge into marketing automation. In this paper they share insights on how to approach a new marketing automation effort, what to look out for, and how to make the most of this technology.

This paper discusses:

  • Expert perspective on the pros and cons of marketing automation
  • Where to start when you’re ready to dive in
  • Making the most of the technology with the least frustration
  • Importance of planning your engagement journeys
  • Managing the changes that marketing automation will bring
  • Essential considerations that go beyond technology planning
  • and more!

Whether your organization is new to marketing automation or a seasoned veteran looking to do more, this paper will provide you with strategies and perspectives that will help guide your efforts and prepare your team to move forward together.

Download Marketing Automation for Nonprofits: Tips from the nonprofit experts who know today to take advantage of what leading nonprofits have learned.

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