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Taking Engagement Seriously: Engagement Strategy and Your CRM

Every day, for-profit and nonprofit organizations alike are discovering that the experiences a customer or constituent has over the long-term will dramatically influence who they choose to buy from, support, and donate to in the future. Creating a robust and effective Engagement Strategy is one of the most effective ways to create richer and more rewarding relationships with your constituents, and an important first step toward developing an organizational CRM road map for the future. While some organizations may give these two steps a cursory treatment, they can have a long-lasting impact on the way your constituents perceive your organization for years to come. To help nonprofits understand the impact this can have, Heller has created the paper Taking Engagement Seriously to explain how to develop an Engagement Strategy, and clarify how it can influence how your organization approaches all of your constituent engagement efforts.

Plan Your Engagement Strategy First

Organizations often see CRM as a simple technology puzzle, when in fact the choices will impact the type of experience your constituents will have for years to come. A better approach is to invest the time into developing an Engagement Strategy that clarifies and defines how a constituent will progress with your organization, and map out a path for their journey. With Taking Engagement Seriously we hope to help you get started developing your own detailed Engagement Strategy and identify the important considerations that will impact your future choices.

Download Taking Engagement Seriously to learn more about how a detailed engagement journey can change how you connect with your constituents, and how they perceive your organization.

In this guide we cover:

  • Why a CRM vision and roadmap is important
  • What is an Engagement Strategy and how is it used?
  • How does your strategy impact your constituent’s perception of your organization?
  • Steps to developing an Engagement Strategy for your organization

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