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Staying Ahead of the Curve: 2023 Digital Transformation Trends for Nonprofits

New year. New guide. Each year, the Heller Consulting team comes together and assesses the trends we’re seeing in the nonprofit technology sector. We’re thrilled to share our 2023 edition. The past year has been a period of transition and adaptation for nonprofits, as organizations have navigated a rapidly changing landscape of data, technology, and talent. Despite challenges, nonprofits are looking forward and thinking strategically about how to best leverage technology to achieve their goals.

Key trends shaping the nonprofit sector in 2023:


Nonprofits are shifting their focus from collecting as much data as possible to curating high-quality data that is relevant to their missions and goals. Privacy and security also continue to be a top priority for organizations.


The technology world continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Adoption of Microsoft solutions is accelerating. Salesforce is making changes to staffing and the structure of how it is supporting nonprofits. We’re seeing nonprofits are taking a more deliberate approach to how they plan and implement technology.


All organizations are depending on a highly skilled workforce, and the nonprofit sector is no exception. With the market for talent in flux, nonprofits are looking for ways to attract and retain top talent while also putting in place processes and systems that can help them withstand changes in the workforce.

The guide also includes:

  • An explanation of CDP versus CRM
  • Advice for how technology can help you weather staff transitions.
  • How nonprofits are selecting technology tools and sorting through options in the market.