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Review of Business Intelligence Tools for Nonprofits

Every year more organizations are embracing the potential of advanced CRM systems and the wealth of data they generate. Business intelligence tools for nonprofits are designed to transform that valuable data into knowledge, helping organizations increase the impact of their missions. Expanding on the capability of applications designed for the commercial sector, nonprofits now have a variety of affordable options to unify disparate data silos and conduct genuine information analysis.

In our 2014 whitepaper, we compared the business intelligence tools for nonprofits available in the then-current market. Since 2014 there have been many changes and new entries to the market, many leveraging the advances in cloud computing. In this resource, we discuss the difference between reporting and analytics, how to start an analytics initiative, and review the most commonly adopted analytics tools. Download this resource to learn about the cost, usability, support options and more for each of these business intelligence tools for nonprofits:

  • Amazon QuickSight
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Tableau

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