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Preventing Unexpected Costs in CRM Implementations

Preventing Unexpected Costs in CRM Implementations

Your organization is stuck in the 20th century, technology-wise and it’s taking a toll on your ability to work effectively. You turn to a new, shiny CRM system that promises to address all your needs and help your team make a big impact. The implementation project starts. Everyone seems to be on board. But as time goes on, the stress of learning new technology piled onto normal everyday tasks begins to wear on employees and morale diminishes. The excitement at the beginning of the project has faded, productivity is dropping, and you’re wondering what could have been done differently to ensure project success.

The value of change management techniques during CRM implementations is becoming more apparent. While effective project management methods allow you to keep a project on time and in budget, they aren’t enough to ensure that people adapt to new systems and processes. Studies show that when used properly, the following methods can prevent project failure:

  • Stakeholder analyses that consider both functional requirement and transition support needs
  • Productivity dip management planning
  • Strategic, role-based communication plans

In our new white paper, Preventing Unexpected Costs in CRM Implementations, we take a deep dive into three ways that implementation projects cost more than you think they will and what you can do to avoid that unfortunate situation. We then describe methods that will help you not only finish the project, but truly achieve success and maximize your return on your investment. You can learn:

  • The difference between project management and change management
  • How direct cost overruns occur
  • Why tasks take longer in the weeks and months after you launch a new system
  • Who can most effectively deliver project communications

Focusing on the technology while ignoring the people who will use it can lead to wasted time, energy, and money beyond just the project budget. This new resource will give you concrete ways to deepen your organization’s focus on the impact of system change on individuals in order to prevent unexpected costs and stress

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