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Scale Up Your Fundraising – Now

Today, most nonprofits have moved into uncharted territory. They’re considering how to adapt their fundraising in response to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do you keep your organization moving forward in times like these? How can you re-tool to expand your fundraising program quickly?

At Heller Consulting, we have found that marketing automation helps many organizations needing to scale up their fundraising program right away. In our toolkit, Scale Up Your Fundraising — Now, you’ll learn:

  • How marketing automation can help you scale up your fundraising program quickly
  • Why nonprofits are re-prioritizing their initiatives to focus on marketing automation in today’s turbulent times
  • How you can implement a marketing automation tool right away to:
    • Automate fundraising and donor engagement communications, allowing you to do more with fewer manual hours
    • Start seeing a higher email deliverability rate, which helps drive increased response to your fundraising communications
    • Ultimately conduct more sophisticated fundraising and nurturing campaigns — making it a good long-term investment as well

Download the toolkit to learn how nonprofits are using marketing automation today and how you can get started, too, to grow your fundraising right away!

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