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Jewish Federations of North America

The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) is a prominent organization dedicated to supporting Jewish communities across North America. With a focus on efficient fundraising and engagement, JFNA sought to replace its existing CRM system.


JFNA approached Heller Consulting to spearhead the selection process for a new CRM solution that would cater to the diverse needs of the participating Federations. The goal was to enhance fundraising efforts and streamline engagement strategies.


Discovery Phase:
  • Conducted extensive interviews with multiple participating Federations to understand their unique requirements and pain points.
  • Collaboratively developed a comprehensive set of shared requirements that would serve as the foundation for the CRM selection process.
Documentation and Prioritization:
  • Documented and prioritized the identified requirements to create a clear roadmap for evaluating potential CRM solutions.
  • This phase ensured that the selected CRM would align with the specific needs and objectives of JFNA and its Federations.
CRM Solution Analysis:
  • Leveraged the documented requirements to analyze potential CRM solutions in the market.
  • Applied a systematic approach to assess various platforms based on their ability to meet the outlined criteria.
Demonstrations by Heller Consulting:
  • Heller Consulting organized tailored demonstrations for Salesforce and Microsoft, addressing specific use cases critical to federation fundraising.
  • These demonstrations provided hands-on insights into how each CRM solution could effectively address the unique challenges faced by the Federations.
Evaluation and Comparative Analysis:
  • Conducted a thorough evaluation period, during which JFNA and the participating Federations actively participated in exploring both Salesforce and Microsoft solutions.
  • Performed a comparative analysis of the two systems, considering factors such as functionality, ease of use, and scalability.


After a rigorous evaluation process, JFNA and the participating Federations made a strategic decision to adopt Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement platform. The collaborative approach, comprehensive requirements gathering, and tailored demonstrations facilitated an informed decision. The new CRM system is poised to support JFNA and its Federations in achieving their fundraising and engagement goals effectively.