Libby Mahnke - Heller Consulting

Libby Mahnke

Senior Consultant

Prior to joining Heller Consulting, Libby spent years working in solution delivery of Microsoft products. She specializes in functional analysis, strategic planning, and finding the best holistic approach for end-to-end business support. With an eye for detail and a dedication to the people side of projects, Libby is an expert on user experience optimization and a proponent for using the tools that work best for you. At Heller, Libby brings her Microsoft expertise to her projects, advising clients on Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft suite. She enjoys guiding her clients through full digital transformations, starting with an enigmatic possibility, and working together toward a fully fleshed out and functioning tool.

When she’s not at her computer, Libby can be found trying new ways to express her creative side and master a new skill. She is also the guardian of her teenaged nephew and spends much of her free time having fun with him.

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