Earning a Salesforce Application Architect Certification


Heller is excited to announce that Val Maulbeck has earned her certification as a Salesforce Application Architect! Congratulations, Val! If you’ve been keeping score at home you may remember our frenzy of Salesforce certifications from Dreamforce 2016. Val was member of that Exceptional Eight earning her Platform Developer I certification. Clearly, she didn’t think that was enough, and has been working hard this year for a few more.

The Salesforce Application Architect is a more advanced certification and takes more effort to earn. While most certifications require passing a single exam, the Application Architect requires successfully earning four unique certifications: Data Architecture and Management Designer, Sharing and Visibility Designer, Platform Developer I, and Platform App Builder. Each of these individual specialties focus on a segment of the detailed knowledge required to earn the Application Architect, and each is earned by passing its own full exam.

We talked with Val to hear about the process of earning this impressive achievement.

How long did it take you to learn and earn this?

I started working on the full series of certifications in March, so it took a couple of months balancing studying and learning with my regular work.

Was this certification based on new concepts or was it extending things you already knew?

Some of both but as a more advanced certification it demands a lot more understanding than some of the others. More than knowing configuration settings or code statements, it requires knowing more specific details on how all the concepts work together. It challenges you to think about the benefits and consequences in certain scenarios going beyond memorization of basic facts. There were parts that I was familiar with, and through this process I learned a lot more of the subtle nuances that extend out from there. It really emphasized that you need to understand what you want to achieve before you start customizing a complex system. I’ve seen developers just get started building and soon find out that early decisions are causing huge problems.

Did going through this process change the way you approach your work?

One part that was a shift for me was how to approach permissions and access for data and documents. It’s really important to understand how detailed your permissions will be in the end so you know how to start. Granting and restricting access can overlap for different users in so many ways. It gets complex fast.

Were there any resources that you used to learn along the way to get certified? Trailhead?

Unfortunately, there weren’t any specific Trailhead modules for this one. Salesforce does provide a free self-directed resource guide that had everything I needed. (Find the resources here on bottom of page) There was a ton of information with links to it all. It’s a lot to get though, but everything is there. It’s a fairly new certification and there aren’t a lot of people who have earned it so far so there aren’t as many external resources like you find for other certifications.

Would you recommend others get this certification?

Absolutely. The information this covered applies to everyone and really helps you understand the deeper details and impacts of your decisions. It will help anyone be more involved and responsible for envisioning a solution, not just activating a system.

Have you earned an Application Architect certification? Have any tips on this certification or other? Let us know in the comments below.




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