Client Experience Manager - Heller Consulting

*This role can be performed remotely from anywhere in the United States or Canada*

Position Overview

The Client Experience Manager role is responsible for supporting our team of Sales AEs to secure new clients as well as manage a portfolio of existing clients and new business leads. This role works closely with the sales and marketing team at Heller to build relationships with new and existing clients to identify and sell new opportunities. Success in this role stems from the ability to effectively articulate how Heller Consulting’s offerings align to prospects/client needs and support the team operationally.

Job Responsibilities

Sales Lead Generation and Qualification

  • Conduct lead generation activities
    • Research potential leads
    • Collaborate with Marketing Director to develop and implement strategies for reaching leads
    • Execute lead generation campaigns
    • Contact and qualify leads through a variety of communication methods
  • Document and handoff notes and research to AEs
  • Follow up on both cold and warm leads to further the sales process
  • Responding efficiently to customer inquiries
  • Screen initial prospects that are on the edges of our target market

Sales Operations and Support

  • Participate in sales calls to help facilitate discovery
  • Manage a depository of salles collateral.  Edit, update, and create sales content as needed
  • Prepare sales artifacts for proposals and presentations
  • Support AEs in their development of proposals
  • Write original content
  • Send prospects relevant Heller marketing material
  • Support RFP responses
  • Schedule meetings in support of Heller AEs
  • Update internal CRM (currently with key opportunity information
  • Manage administration of contracting process
  • Maintain weekly reporting and dashboards

Targeted Campaign Execution and Content Contribution

  • Actively participate in industry, Heller or partner-sponsored events, etc., by:
    • Attending
    • Speaking
    • Networking & learning
  • Contribute to Heller-generated content such as blogs, white papers & webinars

Other Job Requirements

  • Strong editing and writing skills
  • Strong organization skills and process-oriented approach
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development and skill-development
  • Meet administrative requirements of position (time and expense entry, reporting, sales and project-related administrative tasks, etc.)
  • Uphold Heller Consulting’s strong reputation for excellent customer service through all interactions with prospects

To apply, visit here. Please no phone calls or emails.