Upgrading to Nonprofit Starter Pack 3

If you are currently running the Nonprofit Starter Pack application for your organization, are you using the most recent version?  You could be eligible for an upgrade to NPSP v3 – which includes load of new features and functionality – all at no cost.

Watch the video below with Salesforce MVP’s Caroline Renard and Ashima Saigal to learn:

  • The newest features of NPSP 3.o
  • How to tell which version you are running
  • How to install NPSP 3.0
  • What is the Household Account Model?
  • How to migrate to this model

and much more. After watching, if you have questions about the Nonprofit Starter Pack and how it can serve your organization, please contact us. Heller has over 18 years experience guiding nonprofit organizations in their strategy and technology choices, and has helped over 1,000 nonprofits raise more money and grow and retain an engaged audience.

For more information about the Nonprofit Starter Pack, download Heller’s newly revised review of both NPSP and NGO Connect available here. NPSP and NGO Connect for Nonprofits Review.

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