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We hope you find this guide for managing technology change useful, and that it provides strategies to help address all types of change within your organization. Heller has found that actively managing change throughout a technology project is essential for project success, and is an important aspect in the services we offer. If you would like to discuss change management and how it can ensure success in your initiatives, please contact us.

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Our VP of Professional Services Smita Vadakekalam conducted a change management workshop at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose. Smita serves on the Communities Committee of the Association of Change Management Professionals and is one of the few nonprofit-focused representatives at national change management events and trainings.

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Additional Resources

Making CRM a Reality White PaperMaking CRM a reality in nonprofit organizations

Also available is Making Your CRM Aspiration a Reality outlining what we’ve learned about creating a practical framework for bringing together people, technology, service and strategy and managing the change it takes to bring CRM aspirations to fruition. This informative report covers topics such as articulating a CRM vision, developing a CRM roadmap, and provides a list of various CRM resources including websites, print, and video links. Click here for more details.

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