We’re speaking at the 5th Annual Higher Ed Summit


Heller Consulting is pleased to announce that we will be speaking at the 5th Annual Higher Ed Summit this month in Austin, Texas. This conference brings together leading colleges, universities, and industry experts to share effective technology strategies that bring measurable success.

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Accelerating Your Major and Planned Giving

Our focus this year is on strategies and tools to accelerate major and planned giving. The most effective Gift Officers spend their time cultivating crucial relationships with prospects and donors most likely to provide support. Effective technology solutions allow them to find and focus on the highest probability prospects, working smarter to leverage limited time and resources. By eliminating time-consuming guesswork, they are able to comfortably carry and nurture a larger portfolio of prospects. With a supporting system for managing their activity, they can ensure that details don’t fall through the cracks.

Solutions that enable Advancement Offices to meet and exceed their fundraising goals include several core capabilities:

  • Extensive Prospect Information – Core demographic information, giving history, current and past prospect plans, social and online information, prospect research results and more all combine to create clear profiles so Gift Officers know their prospects well.
  • Effective Evaluation – With robust prospect data the common characteristics of your most valuable supporters become clear. Wealth screening services help you further refine lists to the best new prospects.
  • Moves Management and Automation Tools – An effective system ensures that the right activity happens at the right time, while leaving room for a personal touch. Automated workflows and reminders keep your most important “next steps” top-of-mind, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Collaborating with Colleagues – While gifts officers build personal relationships with prospects, they rarely secure the best gifts completely on their own. Effective communication tools will allow all members of the team – from support staff to executives – to stay aligned on what is needed at each stage of the process.
  • Mobile – There is no doubt we live in a mobile world. Everything that happens on an account needs to be available in real-time on a smartphone or tablet so Gift officers can step into a meeting with the most up-to-date information no matter where they are.
  • Dashboards and Reporting – Effectively designed dashboards show you at a glance where you are with your priorities, activities and results.
  • Targeted Email Campaigns – The best systems will also include tools to allow for highly customized visually appealing emails that can be targeted to specific prospects in micro-campaigns.

Heller has been working with Higher Ed institutions for 20 years, and we understand the effective strategies and technology that deliver these capabilities. Please join us at the Higher Ed Summit this year so we can share with you our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Our Session at the Higher Ed Summit

Increasing Alumni Engagement for Major and Planned Giving

Friday, April 28, 2:15pm – Saddle Theater in the Austin Social Club
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The most valuable assets in Advancement are the deep relationships you’ve developed with your most generous supporters. These relationships go well beyond simply writing a check, and allow you to expand the reach and impact of your educational mission.

How can you best steward your existing relationships, and identify opportunities to cultivate additional similar relationships? While technology and data can’t do the crucial work of cultivating personal relationships, they can help you work smarter to focus your resources ensuring you’re making the best use of your time and nothing falls through the cracks.

In this session we’ll share how to use Salesforce.com to support your Major Giving, Planned Giving and Campaign initiatives to simultaneously expand and deeply personalize your relationships with your key supporters and influencers.

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