SalesforceOrg Premium Partner 2017Become A Connected Nonprofit

Connect your systems, team and communities. As one of a select group of Premium Partners, Heller works closely with to support their mission of providing nonprofits with a premier CRM platform for the nonprofit community. Using the Salesforce platform as a foundation, we help our clients select and implement robust solutions to meet a wide array of strategic and practical needs. Our experience working with Salesforce as both a Constituent Relationship Management system (CRM) and a robust, customizable platform allows us to help nonprofits adopt a tailored solution to connect their communication, fundraising and mission management efforts in an unprecedented way.

By leveraging the powerful Salesforce ecosystem, we help organizations work more efficiently and effectively, nurturing long-term, rewarding relationships with their many stakeholders – clients, supporters, donors, staff, partners and more. Over 20,000 nonprofits are already using Salesforce to manage their programs, fundraise more effectively, streamline internal operations, and eliminate redundant and cumbersome point solutions and home-grown systems.

Our Salesforce-certified consultants
are experts at:

  • Creating a clear CRM roadmap that matches needs and goals to technology systems
  • Analyzing and evaluating existing systems to determine whether they should be upgraded or replaced with
  • Implementing best-in-class Salesforce features and applications to serve the strategic goals and day-to-day needs of nonprofits
  • Configuring Salesforce’s native and extensive functionality to realize the optimal value of the solution
  • Extending Salesforce’s native capabilities through third-party applications from the “AppExchange” and through custom programming
  • Converting data from existing systems into Salesforce
  • Training to ensure your team understands the most efficient and effective ways to work with and utilize your system to get the most out of it each day

Read below to find out how CRM and the Salesforce platform can impact your organization, and provide data-driven insights to make your organization more efficient and effective every day.

Salesforce Application Review PaperSalesforce Donor Management & Fundraising Apps for Nonprofits is the the leading Cloud-based CRM solution used by tens of thousands of companies and organizations worldwide. Its open architecture allows vendors to develop applications, or “Apps,” that can be installed to increase its functionality. This report focuses on five of the top based door management applications aimed at mid- to-enterprise-size nonprofits.

Making CRM a Reality White PaperMaking Your CRM Aspirations a Reality

This paper assembles our years of experience developing strategies and systems for nonprofits. It provides a practical framework for bringing together people, technology, service and strategy and managing the change it takes to bring CRM aspirations to fruition.

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