What Sessions Will You See at #17NTC?

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Have you made your plans for sessions you want to see during The Nonprofit Technology Conference next week? It’s worth the time to go through the full agenda to see the variety of speakers and topics. Here are a few sessions to consider checking out. You may notice the first two are presented by the Heller team, and we’d especially love to see you there! What other sessions are you interested in? 

Planning Change Management to Ensure a Technology Project’s Success

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This session will help organizations create a multi-departmental change management strategy to reduce confusion and fear during a technology change.

Extending Your CRM Beyond Fundraising for Greater Program Engagement

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Transitioning from a fundraising system to an organization-wide CRM can be challenging. With a clear understanding of goals and benefits, a sound strategy, and effective planning, it can be a transformative and unifying effort.

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Other Interesting Sessions

Tech, Cloud, and Collaboration for Nonprofit Boards

There is great opportunity for nonprofit boards to increase their use of online and collaboration tools. Beyond fundraising and social media, we’ll explore how boards use tools and platforms to build their effectiveness and collaboration.

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Secrets of Data-Driven Nonprofits

Why is everyone talking about Big Data, but few nonprofits are leveraging it? How do nonprofits find the real hidden treasure in their data? What does a data-driven nonprofit look like and act like, and how does it create real results?

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Integrating IT into Your Strategic Plan

Organizations leverage technology to help ensure the success of their businesses. Incorporating IT into your strategic plan can lead to alignment of IT resources to meet the increasing demands of organizational growth and technology adoption.

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How NGOs Worldwide Use Online Technology and Social Media

The vast majority of research about the NGO sector and its use of online technology is based predominately on data from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. To address this gap in research, this session will spotlight data and findings about the NGO sector worldwide.

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The Donors of Tomorrow: Effective Ways to Engage Young Audiences

Take a look at your donors. Are they primarily over the age of 60? If the answer is yes, your board and staff need to consider the long-term sustainability of your nonprofit.

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Advanced Social Media Engagement Evaluation

You are lacking a solid foundation to identify social media KPIs and define the social media metrics that matter to your organization, and feel you could be planning and using social media channels more efficiently.

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How to Automate Workflows to Become a Truly Data-Driven Organization

We’ll review the steps involved in moving an organization to full workflow automation, including technical steps and organizational buy-in. We’ll also cover ways to ensure that automated workflows are accessible to individuals with different technical skills.

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SalesforceOrg Premium Partner 2017Visit the Salesforce.org Salon on Friday, March 24th

The Salesforce.org Salon will be located in Balcony A on the Mezzanine level of the Marriott Wardman Park. This will be the place for the Salesforce.org community to gather on Friday. Join Salesforce.org and their partners for sessions to help your organization thrive on Salesforce.

Salesforce 101 Track

Salesforce 201 Track

What are you interested in seeing at NTC this year? Add your suggestions in the comments below!

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