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You likely could work more efficiently simply by improving your processes and streamlining the way you use your existing technology. These resources will get you started.

10 Steps to Streamlining Your Fundraising System

Your donor/prospect database sits at the heart of your development operations. But, you may find your fundraising system lacking, probably more from mis-use or neglect than from what the software can actually deliver. The first step in getting more from any software is committing to improving it and maintaining it. This 10-step plan will help get you started.

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Clarifying Communication Between Development and Accounting

Accurately tracking the financial results of fundraising efforts is crucial to both development and finance departments. However, each department may have different objectives in tracking that information. This document outlines a process for clarifying financial objectives, developing shared fund and GL coding structures, and creating gift entry and reconciliation processes to support the goals of both departments. Establishing these processes can be an opportunity to build mutual respect and bridge a cultural and linguistic gap that is common in nonprofits.

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Constituent Data Flowchart

Accurate and timely entry of constituent information is crucial to your cultivation efforts. We see this information falling into two categories: Key Information (name, addresses, mailing codes) and Detail (notes, actions, specific attributes). Key Information — shared by many users — is ideally maintained by one or a few people. Detail information can be maintained by a broader number of people. This document provides an overview of this approach so you can start using this model at your organization.

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Donation Flowchart

A flowchart is great for showing how information moves through your organization. Microsoft Word has a Drawing Toolbar that makes it easy to create simple flowcharts. This document includes steps that are part of gift processing and how they might be shared between development and accounting, but its primary purpose is to give you a simple starting point for clearly representing the “path” of a gift through your organization.

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Gifts Processing Steps

We all have the goal of efficient and accurate gift processing. However, it’s not always the easiest goal to achieve. But take heart: Some of the obstructions are easy to overcome. This document will get you going in the right direction.

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Website Development Plan

Whether you’re about to purchase a new online toolset, are in the middle of an implementation, or need to regroup and move forward on your existing platform, this document will help you clarify your website development goals and map out a path.

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