Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP – formerly Nonprofit Starter Pack)

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) has become the most widely used nonprofit Salesforce application. It is a free package with a smaller “footprint” and greater flexibility than other options.  It’s designed specifically to meet the needs of nonprofits, in managing demographic information, constituent relationships, donations, and volunteers. One of the appealing features of NPSP is its ability to be configured for the needs, goals, and day-to-day processes of any organization with minimal custom programming. This flexibility brings exceptional features and benefits, but also requires an understanding of the capabilities of the platform as well as a clear outline of the strategies and goals the organization needs to achieve. With a defined strategy, the NPSP is an effective way for nonprofits to benefit from the power of the Salesforce platform and advance their mission.

Heller has been helping nonprofit organizations align their strategies, technology and operations for 20 years, and as an official Preferred Partner we have in-depth knowledge of the Nonprofit Starter Pack. Download our resources below for more information, or contact us to discuss your organization’s specific needs.

Review of Nonprofit Starter Pack & NGO Connect

The Nonprofit Starter Pack and NGO Connect are different solutions for different organizations. Each solution focuses on addressing different needs depending on how much fundraising an organization does and what fundraising approaches they use. In this report we provide a close look at what makes the Nonprofit Starter Pack and NGO Connect unique. Since each nonprofit’s needs are unique, this report is designed to help clarify the strengths of each application before selecting one for your organization..

CRM roadmaps for nonprofitsWebinar: Building CRM Roadmaps for Nonprofits

In this webinar we discuss how the CRM roadmap process can benefit your organization, saving time, money, and frustration when facing an already complex CRM project. With a clear roadmap, organizations can effectively plan their strategy and resources to manage the coming changes that will impact each department.

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