NGO Connect Standard Reports

NGO Connect Standard Reports

NGO Connect has a wealth of pre-configured dashboards and over 250 editable reports designed to give nonprofit organizations real-time insight into their activities and efforts from the very beginning. While most modern systems should be able to generate these types of reports, NGO Connect provides these right from the start without additional costly set-up or configuration. Through our years of work with nonprofits we have learned that while organizations are very familiar with the data they have in their system, frequently they are not aware of the knowledge and actionable insights that quickly can be extracted from their data. Too often we hear “I had no idea all this information was living in our existing database.”

That is one of the reasons this paper is so helpful: it provides an organization with a strong description of not only the types of data they possess, but it shows how that data can be utilized to create organizational analytics that show real-time status across department teams. With these reports as a starting point, many departments quickly learn to make additional not-always-intuitive connections that provide even deeper insights into their constituent relationships.

Reports included in this document are just the tip of the iceberg. A thoughtful implementation of NGO Connect will detail the reports essential to your organization, ensure they are configured to meet your specific needs, and delivered in a way most compelling to the end-users of the system.

Download this paper now for a comprehensive overview of the standard reports available in NGO Connect.

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