Marketing Automation for Nonprofits: Starting Off Right

Marketing Automation for Nonprofits

Nonprofit supporters are looking for more and more personalized ways to help the missions they love. Powerful marketing automation tools have been available to large commercial organizations for many years, but recently the cost and feature range have become much more appealing to nonprofit organizations who want to deliver uniquely personalized messages. While segmenting mailing lists have gotten us part of the way there, the new batch of marketing automation tools allow for a level of customization closer to the welcome series experience than a general “Group A, Segment C” email blast.

To help nonprofits understand marketing automation, how to utilize it strategically, and how to get started, Heller Digital interviewed many trail blazing nonprofit organizations like, Sierra Club, Greenbelt Alliance and others to find out what they have already learned. From strategies and expectations to tools and technology, leading organizations share insights on how to approach a new marketing automation effort, what to look out for, and how to make the most of this technology. We’ve assembled their experiences and insights into Marketing Automation for Nonprofits: Starting Off Right to help guide nonprofits as they move toward this increasingly necessary combination of strategy and tools.

Wisdom from leading nonprofit marketing automation pioneers.

In this paper we cover:

  • What exactly is marketing automation?
  • How to move past the welcome series.
  • Where to start (and it’s not with technology!)
  • What defines a successful marketing automation program?
  • How to decide which tools and features are critical, and which aren’t.
  • What are the major challenges to starting a marketing automation program?
  • What to do next? Now what?

If your organization is considering a marketing automation solution, be sure to read this executive summary of the upcoming insights from pioneers who have already started their journey. Download Executive Summary – Marketing Automation: Starting Off Right to learn more about the possibilities of marketing automation and how it can make a dramatic impact on your organization’s fundraising and communication process.

Great news! The full paper is now available for download!

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