Keely Jones

Keely Jones
Project Manager

My professional experience is a blended one that intersects with the nonprofit sector, the philanthropic world and technology platforms. I have spent over the last 12 years managing projects and programs in both the nonprofit and technology fields. In the nonprofit sector, I have worked as a community organizer, managed youth programs, managed fundraising projects for HIV/AIDS organizations and worked on behalf of women’s rights groups. In the tech start-up community, I worked alongside engineers to build applications for private companies that would plug into their larger CRM system. As a project manager I have worked with digital companies and foundation partners to facilitate projects that help nonprofits utilize their technology systems and operations to their fullest capabilities. Exploiting technology while promoting social good in the nonprofit world is what I do, and it is what I am passionate about.

Outside of the tech world, I teach yoga and try to bring calm to people who need it the most. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Feminist Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz and my Master’s degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago.

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