Kate Bennet

Kate Bennet

I’ve loved working in operations for small businesses and nonprofits over the last fifteen years. It’s incredibly satisfying to find ways to work more efficiently or more productively in order to support an organization’s mission and strategy. I enjoy the challenge of finding better ways to do things and questioning the status quo. As a member of the Heller team, I am committed to supporting nonprofit clients as they transform their organizations. Although shifting how a business operates or what systems are used can be intimidating, I believe that if you communicate effectively and keep your larger goals in mind, change doesn’t have to be a negative experience. In fact, I would argue it can even be fun.

Prior to joining Heller, I was the Database Manager at the Minneapolis Institute of Art where I was responsible for business processes and gift entry in the advancement division. That position required me to understand how the systems supported the needs of membership, fundraising, customer service, and accounting, often acting as liaison between those departments and the technology division. During my tenure, we switched from iMIS and Patron Edge to Salesforce and Siriusware. In addition to seeing the power of the Salesforce platform first-hand, that project also helped me understand the importance of a strong client/consultant relationship.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a mini-MBA certification in Non-Profit Administration from the University of St. Thomas, and I am a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator.



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