Jeffrey Appell

Jeffrey Appell

Jeffrey began working with nonprofits in 1997. Starting out as an intern at the San Francisco chapter of the Anti-Defamation League he went on to being a Development Associate at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco and then at the Stern Grove Festival. He brought his nonprofit experience and a keen interest in new technology to Heller over 17 years ago, starting out as an Associate Consultant. Here he was able to tap into an expansive array of technical and team learning and expertise, and to tackle increasingly complex objectives and responsibilities, propelling him to excel in progressively more challenging roles. Jeffrey has progressed through a number of positions at Heller including Senior Consultant, Director of Professional Services, VP of Professional Services, President, and lastly, CEO, parlaying his experience in project work and leading the firm’s largest and most complex CRM projects into directing Heller’s services teams and overall business processes and objectives. Throughout his tenure, he has been charged with evolving the firm’s growth strategy and service delivery processes to deliver outstanding client projects. In his current role of CEO, Jeffrey leads Heller’s vision to help our clients reach their potential and achieve their missions through maximizing the effectiveness of their systems, their strategies, their teams, to build and strengthen the clients’ constituent relationships. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master of Arts in History from San Francisco State University. When not immersed in all things Heller, Jeffrey enjoys the decidedly un-CRM challenges of cycling and skiing.
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