Increasing Engagement via Social Media

Marketing_Cloud_Radian6_SalesforceAs social media channels become increasingly common communication channels, social listening and active engagement skills are quickly becoming more important for every organization. Whether spotting day-to-day trends or addressing crisis situations, organizations that have their social ear to the ground and a communication strategy in place will be better prepared to minimize negative issues and get the most exposure and reach from positive events.

In the video below the University of Oklahoma talks about how they managed a social firestorm, and Northeastern University shares how they looked to social media to better understand their brand and audience. Both organizations utilized the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool Radian6 to get informed and stay ahead of the flow of the online conversations.

After watching, if you have questions about the strategies applied and how social listening and engagement tools like Marketing Cloud and Radian6 could work in your organization, please contact us. Heller has over 18 years experience guiding nonprofit organizations in their strategy and technology choices, and has helped over 1,000 nonprofits raise more money and grow and retain an engaged audience.

For another great example of the impact of strategically engaging with constituents, read about Heller’s work with the Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan and their Relay for Life Program. Read the case study.


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