Higher Education

Building and Maintaining Rewarding Relationships

SalesforceOrg Premium Partner 2017The unique needs of the higher education community have become as complex as any nonprofit. Constituents expect rich engagement and tailored communications that connect the institution to their interests and experience. More than ever colleges and universities are turning to advanced technology to fulfill the expectations of their constituents and create an engaging community that nurtures long-term rewarding relationships.

Since 1996 Heller has been helping higher education institutions develop effective strategies and technology to engage with their constituents. We understand their unique challenges and have guided many through the process of selecting and implementing the technology they need to stay competitive.

Our team of higher education experts can help with:

  • Technology strategy – There are a wide array of point solutions and CRM systems available for the higher education sector. We can help plan and select a solution that aligns with your goals and strategies.
  • Fundraising & Engagement Systems – Our years of experience working with fundraising systems for the higher education community has given us rich insights into the most effective solutions, and how to ensure they are implemented effectively. Email automation, event management, and alumni and volunteer engagement, we develop solutions that allow institutions to connect with and delight their audience.
  • Salesforce Communities – Forward-thinking institutions are taking advantage of the power and effectiveness of Salesforce’s Communities product to create a rich experience that is available 24/7 with fewer resources that traditional solutions. We can help develop a strategy and system that serves your needs and connects your community wherever they are, however they choose.
  • Major Gifts Management – Major gifts are an essential funding source and a complex challenge. The most successful teams leverage a vast array of detailed information to nurture and cultivate those valuable relationships. We can help you develop and implement a system that can coordinate, organize, and filter that detailed data no matter the time or location, and provide your major gift officers with a tool that will become their most effective resource.

Heller has worked with higher education institutions around the nation to develop effective strategies and technology solutions. We understand the most effective strategies as well as the technology that can bring them to life with even limited resources. Contact us to learn more about how to get started, or download the resources below for more information.

Taking Engagement Seriously

Creating a robust and effective Engagement Strategy is one of the most effective ways to create richer and more rewarding relationships with your constituents, and an important first step toward developing an organizational CRM road map for the future.

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