Engagement Journeys

An engagement strategy and engagement journey define the way your organization plans to interact with your constituents and serves as a reference point for your efforts. It will help determine the techniques and tools required for the organization to accomplish their engagement goals, also clarify the data points that will be collected and define how they will be used within the system.

Engagment Journey Path

This combination of strategy, data, and technology fit together to create a rich “360-degree view” of a constituent, displaying all the important interactions with a donor or supporter in one place.

Learn more about engagement strategy and how it can benefit your organization in the resources below, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Taking Engagement Seriously White paperTaking Engagement Seriously

Creating a robust and effective Engagement Strategy is one of the most effective ways to create richer and more rewarding relationships with your constituents, and an important first step toward developing an organizational CRM road map for the future.

Canadian Cancer Society of Saskatchewan Case StudyEngagement journey case study: Canadian Cancer Society of Saskatchewan

The Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan (CCSSK) needed to understand how its participants, donors, volunteers and cancer survivors were going to interact with their system. Heller and CCSSK worked together to define how each constituent would be introduced to the organization, how they would first get started, and how their participation would continue over time.


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