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Segmentation capability exists directly within Salesforce for simple and one-off mailing selects. But many nonprofit organizations have robust, direct mail programs and a desire to outsource direct marketing services to partners. These services include segmentation and modeling, reporting and analysis. When a CRM technology platform change is under consideration, Heller Consulting customers often consider the vendor landscape for data management services as well.

So who are Heller and Salesforce customers choosing to work with?

The field is wide open.  The open Salesforce platform allows nonprofits to select segmentation and modeling service providers that best meet their needs. Depending on requirements, partnerships can take on a traditional full service approach – staffed with distinct Account Management, Campaign and Production Analysts, and Database Administrators – or can be more functionally focused serving production needs of a smaller program.

Dustin Pitts, a Sales Engineer at, has extensive experience coupling direct marketing and CRM solutions. He shares that existing direct marketing business processes can be mirrored and improved within Salesforce. One way this is technically accomplished is by configuring a data export from Salesforce for modeling with a corresponding import back to the platform with updated contact records.

Heller customers are working with both traditional direct marketing and database management companies to provide these services. Generally, our customers select a partner primarily based on their database management strength.  Salesforce expertise as secondary criteria. Program size and sophistication also guides selection.

Heller Consulting works with clients to establish and realize CRM vision through technology. Organizational design and change management services are key to our strategic approach. View the resources below for more information on our best practices for CRM methodologies. If you would like to discuss your organization’s specific needs, please contact us today.

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Matthew has over 15 years experience exclusively serving nonprofit organizations with technology solutions to drive fundraising, communication and mission-focused growth. He has worked with over 100 nonprofit organizations throughout the US, Canada and Australia to help define and execute online and integrated strategies.

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