Data Optimization & Migration

One of the most important aspects of any CRM transition is migrating existing constituent and financial data into the new system. Often not considered until too late in the process, how the data is migrated, optimized and stored can have a significant impact on the timeline and cost of a project, and even the value of the resulting CRM system.

Heller has a seasoned team of nonprofit data experts who start early in the process to understand how the final migration will need be accomplished. They tailor a step-by-step plan to evaluate existing data, optimize it for the business processes and outputs defined for the new system, and import it into the optimal fields in the CRM. All this ensures that the wealth of data that has been built up over years of interactions will be available to create a 360° view of each constituent.

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In Focus: The Cost of Storage

Do you know the cost of data storage at your organization? This paper focuses on some of the most common issues that organizations face when comparing a traditional on-premise storage system to many of the cloud-based systems that are now available. It also details tactical data management strategies that can help reduce storage needs regardless of the solution you choose.


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