Making Your CRM Aspiration a Reality

Make CRM Aspirations a Reality White Paper

Since our 2012 paper, Insights Into CRM for Nonprofits, we’ve continued to optimize the process for our CRM projects and have developed practical tips and tools to get your organization on its way from CRM vision to reality. This paper shares that experience and provides a practical framework for bringing together people, technology, service and strategy and managing the change it takes to bring CRM aspirations to fruition.

We include:
  • Articulating a CRM Vision
  • Articulating a CRM Strategy
  • Developing a CRM Roadmap
  • Best Practices in Change Management
  • A list of website, print, and video resources
  • A conceptual framework for understanding and explaining CRM

Download the Making Your CRM Aspiration a Reality to find out how your organization can reap the benefits of a complete CRM system, and how to avoid the pitfalls along the way.

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Heller Consulting has been helping nonprofits establish and improve their communications, fundraising and mission management systems since 1996. Our distinctive methodology comes from our hands-on experience with the technology AND strategies utilized by today’s successful nonprofits to build rewarding constituent relationships.

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