CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits


In this webinar series, join us for a detailed look at current CRM options for enterprise nonprofits. Today’s CRM solution marketplace for enterprise nonprofits is vastly different from what was available when many organizations first started relying on technology to drive their missions. From hardware to software, long-established favorites have upgraded and advanced, and industry newcomers have evolved into confirmed cornerstones of modern organizations. While the needs and goals of nonprofits have stayed consistent, the available technology options have changed dramatically.

Leading organizations have already upgraded their systems and are realizing the benefits of effective CRM solutions. Other organizations have struggled to overcome the obstacles preventing them from adopting new technology. Fortunately, many common barriers to large technology transitions have been removed, and both the variety of options and strategic transition processes have made it easier for organizations to select and implement an efficient CRM system.

We hope this series helps you align your strategic needs with your CRM technology so you can deliver your mission more effectively and efficiently. If you have any questions about the information or would like to discuss your organization’s unique challenges, please contact us.

Introduction: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits

In this session Keith Heller shares his experience and perspective on the current enterprise marketplace, identifies the most common barriers, and outlines Heller’s proven approach to planning and selecting a CRM solution that matches organizational goals.

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Nonprofit Success Pack

Join us to learn about’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), a solution currently used by over 14,000 nonprofits. Built on the flexible and customizable Salesforce Platform, NPSP provides the foundation for organizations to engage their constituents, streamline their programs, take their fundraising to the next level and ultimately, achieve their mission. will highlight the features and benefits of NPSP and demonstrate how this advanced solution can serve the complex needs of enterprise nonprofit organizations. Heller Consulting’s founder and Chief Strategist Keith Heller also shares insights on CRM best practices for enterprise nonprofits based on his 20 years of advising and leading organizations on their CRM journey.

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Blackbaud CRM Solutions

For over 30 years, Blackbaud’s CRM solutions have helped nonprofit organizations raise more money and build lifelong support with their constituents. If fact, with over 28,000 active clients, Blackbaud is a household name, with few in the nonprofit industry who haven’t worked with one or more of their products. In this session, nonprofit experts from Blackbaud will join Heller Consulting to outline the unique features and outcomes capabilities of their suite of CRM, engagement, fundraising tools. Keith Heller will also share additional insights on CRM best practices for enterprise nonprofits.

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NGO Connect

In this webinar Heller Consulting’s Vice President of Professional Services Smita Vadakekalam hosts roundCorner’s CEO and Co-Founder Dan Lammot to share the features and capabilities of NGO Connect, an enterprise-level nonprofit CRM and fundraising solution adopted by Girl Scouts of the USA, City Year, International Rescue Committee and more. Built by Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner roundCorner, NGO Connect takes advantage of the Salesforce platform to help nonprofit organizations build and nurture rewarding lifelong constituent relationships, raise more funds and achieve a greater impact.

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ClearView CRM

In this webinar Heller Consulting’s Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Keith Heller shares his proven CRM best practices based on his years of experience advising and leading organizations on their CRM journeys.

Also presenting are Steve Birnbaum, Vice President of Sales and Kelly Sallander, Business Analyst for ClearView CRM, the advanced fundraising platform from SofTrek. They demonstrate how nonprofits can use ClearView CRM’s donor relationship management, reporting and business intelligence, and operational tools to help their organization connect their fundraising channels for maximum effectiveness.

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This is the sixth installment in our “CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits” series. Joining us in this session are Jim Funari, Co-founder and CEO, and Brett Meyer, Director of Product Management and Services of StratusLIVE, a cloud-based donor management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. They will share how StratusLIVE provides nonprofit organizations with enterprise-class CRM, fundraising, marketing, and BI solutions in one complete package.

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ROI Solutions Revolution Online

The focus of this final episode is on Revolution Online by ROI Solutions. Revolution Online was designed to help nonprofit organizations build and nurture lifelong relationships with each constituent. It is a flexible, dynamic, and easy to extend system that allows any organization to customize its features to match their own unique requirements. Revolution Online provides a web-based, intuitive interface that allows nonprofits to access their data from anywhere, any time.

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