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Heller UWBA Case Study United Way of the Bay Area has a wide variety of community programs focused in a ceaseless effort to end the cycle of poverty in San Francisco and the surrounding communities. By combining advocacy and innovative programs, they provide free access to basic needs, jobs and job training, as well as financial education and support services. One of these programs is their youth employment program MatchBridge that helps place young people in jobs and internships that enable work-based learning. The MatchBridge program coaches participants throughout the job search process, exposing them to a variety of career choices and showing first-hand the opportunities that can be open to them when they succeed in school.

A vital component of the MatchBridge program is the community of partners and participants that UWBA brings together. Read this case study to find out how UWBA worked with Heller to create a solution utilizing Salesforce Communities that served the complex needs of this program and it’s many partners. After analyzing and combining the many needs of the program partners, Heller and UWBA were able to combine the communication strengths of the Salesforce Communities system with UWBA’s existing managed job recruitment and posting package, Fairsail. Although there were several technical hurdles to be overcome, they were able to get the system in place for the upcoming season of job applicants.

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Find out more about the exceptional work that UWBA does, and the results and benefits of their new Communities portal in the case study below. If you have any questions, or want to know if Salesforce Communities might be right for your organization, please contact us by phone or our contact form. We’ve helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations become more effective and efficient at delivering their mission since 1996. Let’s discuss what we can do together for your constituents.

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