Advancement Connect for Higher Ed Review's Connected Campus and Advancement Connect Review

Leading organizations like Amazon and Netflix are setting new standards for engaging individuals in personalized relationships, often leveraging software systems and rich data to deliver tailored experiences. But while the technology to support these relationships was often incubated at universities and colleges, too often these institutions are being left behind when it comes to taking advantage of advanced technology. Colleges and universities nationwide have been struggling to break down data silos between departments and work collaboratively, but available technology was not up to the task of handling the complexities and nuances of all of these relationships as well as provide the much-desired “360-degree view” of every constituent.

Enter Advancement Connect and The Connected Campus

Advancement Connect – the core fundraising element in the Salesforce for Advancement family – was developed expressly to support Higher Ed institutions as they engage with their alumni through traditional, contemporary and emerging channels. The Connected Campus is a unifying platform for engaging with Students and Alumni throughout the Campus Lifecycle. From the first time a potential applicant shows interest in an institution, through the admissions process, while they are a student, and after becoming an alumni, the Connected Campus platform allows colleges and universities to leverage technology to develop deep, personalized and meaningful relationships. Advancement Connect integrates the important elements of  fundraising and event management into the system allowing for more effective engagement opportunities.

Download Heller’s detailed review Salesforce’s Connected Campus and Advancement Connect white paper to find out what Advancement Connect can provide for your institution and understand more of this new offering in the Salesforce for Advancement family.

Reviewed features include:
  • Detailed Giving Summaries
  • Workflow and Validation Rules
  • Constituent Badges
  • Event Registration and Management
  • Online Donation Forms
  • Credit Card Processing
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