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Debunking the Single CRM Myth

Debunking the Single CRM Myth

In the not-too-distant past, nonprofit organizations talked fervently about the importance of all areas of an organization operating from a single nonprofit CRM platform. There was an assumption, typically unchallenged, that the best state for all organizations would be for every department, every functional area, to be in one system. One operations analyst, who had a talent for wry humor and an affection for Tolkien, referred to his organization’s massive effort to move everyone onto one nonprofit CRM software as the “one ring to rule them all” project.

Many of these efforts are fruitful and effective, and for some organizations, an end goal of operating every area from one single-platform solution is a good goal. But here’s what’s different now: organizations are no longer assuming that the best end-state for everyone should be one CRM solution across every department in an organization.

The single CRM myth is being challenged, and we think it’s a good thing.

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